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The Housing Authority of the County of Jackson administers the Housing Choice Voucher program for Jackson, Roane, Gilmer and Calhoun Counties. The HCV Program is for families wishing to rent to a private landlord. You can apply on-line at INSERT-LINK-HERE. To qualify for the program you must be 18 and your income must meet the following guidelines. Rent is based upon 30% of the family's adjusted annual income. A few of the deductions that may be eligible are for dependents, children under the age of 18, elderly or disabled persons 62+, childcare, medical, etc. This Housing Authority has 918 voucher to be used within our area of operation. Applications are only available on-line at INSERT-LINK-HERE. Once we reach your name on the waiting list we will send you a letter to come to a briefing meeting. Which at that time you must supply us with all Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Marriage and/or Divorce Decrees, confirmation of pregnancy, adoption information, and ALL income information for every household member.

Number in Household



1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Jackson $20,600 $23,550 $26,550 $29,400 $31,800 $34,150 $36,500
Roane $19,250 $22,000 $24,7500 $27,450 $29,650 $31,850 $34,050
Calhoun $19,250 $22,000 $24,750 $27,450 $29,650 $31,850 $34,050
Gilmer $19,250 $22,000 $24,750 $27,450 $29,650 $31,850 34,050